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To keep the connection with nature in today’s chaotic life is not so simple as it may seem. Especially, when everyone is drowned into the digital world. To finally feel the nature everywhere around you and let yourself to immerse in the world of fresh and beautiful space of plants, we offer indoor green walls designs.

Our green walls are special and unique. First of all, they are made based on the quality. All forest moss and plants we use are collected from natural forests and preserved in their best condition. Second of all, every design is made according to individual space as well as customer requirements. Basically, the handcrafted interior green wall gives a new twist to a simple wall. Our made green moss walls remain green, fresh and they do not require any additional maintenance such as trimming or watering.

All our green garden falt and pole moss wall designs can be used in public spaces as well as private residences. Without no doubt, such elements add an impressive dimension as well as uniqueness to any space. Moreover, we also offer a variety of moss styles, tones and designs. Green moss garden walls can come in many different colors and shades. Are you in love with pink, red, purple or more natural colors such as dark or light green? We can create any kind of wall greenery for interior and customize it to your space.

Want to order green plant wall or indoor vertical garden in your office, bank, shop, spa center, home or other similar place that must look stunning? Do not hesitate and contact us for more information about green walls decor price and other details.

We can’t wait to improve your space and bring some greenery you are going to love.