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Research shows that plants that go through a qualitative preservation process keeps their color, texture and beauty. In fact, they are absolutely right. Unique flat moss walls are not only perfect for indoor environments, but they also create an exclusive view as well as do not require any maintenance or natural lighting.

There is no secret, living flat moss walls becomes a true fashion flick, which are now being more commonly used in restaurants, hotels, banks, offices, houses. For thisr eason, and in addition to improve every environment, our talented and creative designers always do their best. They make the places design more beautiful and sustainable by creating unique and eye-catching living moss walls.

Want to bring some greenery to your restaurant and make your clients relaxed and happy? All you need to do, is choose a design. Green moss walls can be made from Scandinavian, Flat or Pole moss decorated with ferns, eucalyptus and other forest plants. First of all, such living flat moss wall indoor decor will contribute to a healthier and cleaner urban environment. Second of all, as a installers we will create a true garden that will leave people speechless in a good way.

You think that living green moss walls would perfectly suit the rooms of your house, office or restaurant you are supervising? Contact us in order to get all flat moss wall prices and other important decoration details. We are ready to fulfil all your ideas in order to get the decor you want.