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Pole moss walls add texture and viability to any space. It is a small flowerless plants that usually do not requite any maintenance such as trimming or watering after being preserved. It is a perfect choice for every walls since it creates the most natural atmosphere as well as give room a nature-inspired look.

How and where Pole moss can be used?

As green garden indoor creators, we design the projects that are unique, stylish and modern. According to the purpose of the space we are creating green design in, we select the most appropriate plant composition as well as colors. Considering the latest trends, today most of the clients are more into pole moss walls that look stunning in a restaurant, spa, shopping center, office, home or any other public place. However, plant composition in a pots and company logos are also one of the most common choices. Creating plant compositions as well as logos most of the time we combine flat and pole moss together. We also love to add some forest moss and plants moss and plants that make everything more special and natural.

Thinking about pole moss walls in your office, clinics or reception? We are ready to create the most beautiful green wall design just for you. The green garden walls can be manufactured in any size or shape you like. Every detail can be discussed with the designer who will work on the creation and implementation of the project. Not to mention, we offer reindeer moss wall decor as well as flat or pole mosses.

Please do not hesitate and contact GAJA DECOR GROUP for more information about ordering pole moss wall online or knowing the exact price of the project you want to get.