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Every environment can become distinctive if the right overall design will be selected. Whether you rule a restaurant, office, public bank or any other place – they just have to stand out, since people and most important clients just love it. For this reason and in order to meet every client wishes, creating something special and exclusive is what we do. In this case we are speaking about stabilized plant composition indoor.

Having a year of experience we offer specific stabilized moss wall coverings that are made by talented and always full of new ideas interior designers. Stabilized plants we use for creating flat or pole moss wall coverings are actually the lichen that does not get any dust or insects. It has great insulating properties since it doesn’t require watering, light or even trimming. Furthermore, it also has incredibly good sound-absorbing properties that make it perfect for previously mentioned restaurants, office or any other similar places, which simply requires peace. Not to mention, the green stabilized wall design does best in 40-60% humidity without intensive light. Being placed in a place with such condition, it keeps its color, texture and good looking for many years.

Want your place to stand out? The stabilized moss plant wall composition is your solution. Check out our already made stabilized plant compositions and think of design you would like to see in your environment. Every wall stabilized plants covering can be made of different colors, moss and various forest plants.

For more information about stabilized plant composition design, please do not hesitate and contact us.