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Moss is a very simple type of plant that also has very good features, when being used as a decor on the walls and pictures. First of all, a wide selection of moss, allows to fulfil every idea even if it looks hard to be implemented. Second of all, this is a plant that looks unique and fresh.

Plant and moss pictures we produce stand out because of its quality and modernity. Every picture of moss plant is being made with love and this is the most important factor of all. Every time our professional designers have to create a new project, they do their best. Mosses plants pictures are always created by individual wishes. We offer unique moss and plant pictures that can be placed in every environment. Bring some greenery to your home, office, restaurant or even a hotel. There is no doubt, plant wall pictures make every interior look much better and most importantly eye-catching.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we are able to create all kinds of sizes moss and plant pictures placed in wooden or other material moss frames. We offer Scandinavian moss with bushes, flat and pole mosses, mosses with different plants and etc. Every plant picture wall decor can also have some drawings. Whether you want a heart, bird your plant logo – everything is possible. Moreover, we give a lot of freedom of choice. Moss picture design can be made of red, pink, blue, green and other color moss. Interested about unique moss picture price and design? Please do not hesitate and contact our team for more moss and plant pictures details. We will assess your needs and offer the best wall decor design as well as price.

Be unique – be visible!