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Frequently asked questions

Each of our interior green wall projects is unique and special. In your chosen space and according to your wishes we can create an original interior, where the beauty of nature will make you happy for many years. The main objective of our company – to share long-lasting, natural, unique plant provided beauty and good emotions with our clients.

Therefore, if you did not find an answer to your questions – contact us and we will help you!

Does GAJA DECOR GROUP use natural plants in the projects?

Yes. All the plants used in GAJA DECOR GROUP projects are naturally grown in wild nature. Natural plants are preserved by the latest modern technologies and do not require maintenance, watering, repotting, direct sunlight or specific plant lighting.

How GAJA DECOR GROUP plants are preserved?

The natural structure and scent of the plant can be preserved thanks to the stabilization process, so the plants keep the natural greenery, elasticity, softness and tenderness. For the plant preservation process there is used only freshly harvested plants, when they are in the most beautiful vegetation process. The juice and the water inside the plants are replaced by a special preservation liquid, which is friendly to the environment and human health. It is 100% natural, long-lasting products from nature.

What materials, besides preserved plants, are used in the production of GAJA DECOR GROUP projects?

In GAJA DECOR GROUP projects we use the materials that are friendly for working and living environment and safe for the interior decor.

Do GAJA DECOR GROUP preserved plants have a smell?

Yes, because during the preservation process, the plants not only retains its shape, texture, but also essential oils, that give the scent of plants. Over time, the plant essential oils evaporate and lose their smell.

Do GAJA DECOR GROUP preserved plants cause any allergies?

No. The production is completely natural, without containing any toxic substances.

How are produced GAJA DECOR GROUP projects-works?

All GAJA DECOR GROUP projects-works are handmade, therefore all manufactured products are exclusive and unique.

Does GAJA DECOR GROUP implement projects in outdoor settings?

We implement projects only in internal spaces.

Do GAJA DECOR GROUP projects require natural daylight?

No, GAJA DECOR GROUP products do not require natural daylight.

Do GAJA DECOR GROUP products comply with fire safety requirements?

Yes, GAJA DECOR GROUP products have fire safety certificate.

Does GAJA DECOR GROUP preserved plants production require special care?

No. Preserved plants do not require any special care, they do not need watering, pruning, sunlight or keeping in the water. If necessary, the plants can be cleaned with a special dust cleaning brush, broom, soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a very low suction function.