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There are plenty of ways to make every environment look somehow different and unique. But what else can create a better look of modernity than an indoor vertical garden? 

Accordingly to recent trends, vertical indoor garden system from stabilized plants are becoming a new fashion flick that can be adapted to all kinds of environments, including restaurants, hotels, spa centers, interior salons, shopping malls, Business buildings, office spaces or simply home interior.

To make every interior look stunning, we use tested and well-thought-out solutions. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, which are always completely different, we adapt to all wishes. We offer completely unique design created by professional designers, who first analyze the interior and then provides with individual ideas for a certain project.

Having a great experience, we also work with the best preserved plants for indoor vertical garden creation. To get the highest quality, we make designs from stable and long lasting moss and plants only. More precisely, all plants we use are preserved and do not require any maintenance, digging, watering or sunlight. Such solution allows to supply a product that does not need any additional care and saves your money and time

As an indoor vertical garden wall planter, we do prepare various system design sketches that help to decide what kind of design our clients really want. Will it be a Scandinavian moss wall or maybe a wall made of stabilized moss with various greenery and forest plants? It all depends on your taste.

We offer design that will help your environment to stand out. Living flat moss wall, green plants and most importantly design created specifically for you will make entire place look exclusive and eye-catching.

You actually see indoor vertical garden wall design in your office, home or other place you take care for? Do not hesitate and contact our designers. We make sure to find the best plants design price and solution.